Protect our clients’ business visions and life projects and launch them into the future. That is the mission of LAWP.

  • Plural

    Legal and tax advice are not two different aspects, but a single one: only by integrating the two disciplines into an overall picture is it possible to provide the client with reliable and effective solutions. To LAWP, this is not only a firm belief but it is part of our identity, a feature always mirrored in our business model, characterized by mixed teams composed of lawyers and chartered accountants.
  • Personal

    Whether our client is a manager of a company, a shareholder, an investor, an high net worth individual or all of the above, to us he is first and foremost a person. This attitude of ours is reflected in our real inclination to listening, in our sincere desire to empathize with those who are in front of us, and in our uncompromising commitment to the accuracy and effectiveness of the solutions we offer.
  • Positive

    LAWP clients think they will be able to turn their idea of the future into a reality. We have the same confidence, as we are sure to have all the resources, in terms of knowledge, attention and determination to be their best allies. Our firm conviction is based on the wide range of deals we followed and on the robustness of our method and the positivity of our approach.
  • Precise

    Precision is a fundamental attitude for us because we operate in a field where the difference between winning and failing is also in the details: the knowledge of a case, the timing of intervention, the analysis of a case, the drafting of a document, the interpretation of a law. That is why we give so much importance to study, accuracy, attention, detail.


We give our best to all clients, but we are better suited for ambitious ones. Those who are never satisfied, who always raise the bar and challenge us to give something more. That’s how we grew, and that says a lot about our story.

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We have been providing legal assistance in commercial and tax law for over twenty years. We do this by overcoming rigid classifications, promoting a multidisciplinary and dynamic approach that allows us to apply a comprehensive and integrated vision to each case. Our mixed teams of lawyers and chartered accountants provide qualified advice on corporate and tax matters to both private and corporate clients. 

We are independent by vocation, discreet by attitude and discipline, we seek the most effective solution also through unconventional approaches, always observing issues from different angles. 

Our expertise and high-level international relations allow us to manage and support cross border or outbound transactions. Our professionals also participate as speakers in numerous seminars and courses on tax and commercial law.

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