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  • 21.07.21

    LAWP is assisting Venezia FC

    We are assisting a club enrolled in the Serie A championship on a wide range of legal, tax and financial matters, including in the corporate and commercial areas, the development of special projects and the management control system. The team is composed of several professionals with experience in the relevant field Maurizio Marullo, Claudio Todesco, Giorgio Vagnoni, Francesco Amoresano, Francesco […]

  • 19.01.21

    Telematic proceedings in the Court of Cassation: latest news

    Compared to the courts of first and second instance, where the tax process is fully digitalised, in Supreme Court proceedings documents are still filed in paper form. Recently, two memoranda of understanding signed, inter alia, by the Court of Cassation, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Cassation, the Avvocatura di Stato (State Attorney’s […]

  • 09.12.20

    International disputes penalised by the discontinuance of action

    In the context of international double taxation procedures, mutual agreement procedures between States, which take precedence over domestic law, are becoming increasingly important. These remedies are compatible with domestic litigation, which may be suspended, upon request of a party, until a decision of the States. Paolo Giovannini and Dario Augello examined for Eutekne the critical […]

  • 17.11.20

    Grounds for a judgment that cannot always be appealed against in the Court of Cassation

    With the current wording of art. 360, paragraph 1, no. 5), Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) as a starting point, Dario Augello and Gabriella De Mattia summarised the cases for Eutekne in which the judgement of second instance pronounced by the Regional Tax Commission can be appealed against in the Court of Cassation from the point […]

  • 16.10.20

    Beneficiaries of foreign trusts obliged to tax monitoring

    On the basis of an answer provided by the Italian Revenue Agency which has not yet been made public, Paolo Giovannini and Dario Augello made some critical observations regarding the issue of exemption from filling in the RW Section for beneficiaries of discretionary foreign trusts. Their contribution, which was published in Eutekne, addressed two issues: […]

  • 09.10.20

    “Tax litigation” specialist field award

    Our Law Firm was a finalist for the “Tax Litigation” specialist field in the market research conducted by Top Legal for the year 2020. A similar result, for the same specialist field, was achieved by Mr. Paolo Giovannini in the market research regarding individual professionals.

  • 30.09.20

    Lawpartners becomes LAWP

    Following a process aimed at assessing our own identity and mission, “Lawpartners” became “LAWP”, where the “P” stands for Plural, Personal, Positive, Precise. The name recalls the hybrid approach of our Firm integrating legal and tax expertise into an overall picture, as well as our capabilities to provide assistance to companies and individuals, in Italy […]

  • 31.08.20

    Budgetary analysis and budget drafting for a professional sports club

    Our Firm assisted a professional sports club in the analysis and reclassification of past financial statement data in order to provide stakeholders with better information on the Company’s economic and financial results and the various cost and revenue categories as a result of a change in the Company’s structure.  Our Firm also assisted the client […]

  • 26.08.20

    Mutual agreement procedure pursuant to Conv. 90/436/EEC

    Our Law Firm assisted one of its clients, world leader in the air conditioning market, in tax litigation relating to a transfer pricing adjustment for transactions within the group. After lodging an appeal, denouncing, among other things, the unreliability of the price comparison method applied in this case, due to the peculiar activities carried out […]

  • 20.07.20

    Preparation of a stock-options plan dedicated to the top managers of a leading multinational group operating in the fashion and luxury industry

    We supported a well-known international law firm in the drafting and implementation of the Italian tax section of the information document on a stock-options plan prepared for the highest management levels of a multinational fashion and luxury goods company. In particular, our Firm outlined tax legislation and related requirements, both for direct taxation and for […]

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