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  • 31.05.22

    LAWP assisted the Bombana family in the transfer of Tenax

    Maurizio Marullo, Claudio Todesco e Francesco Saracino are the professionals of the team who advised the holding company of the Bombana family in the sale of a majority share in Tenax to Sun European Partners, LLP. Tenax is a world leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, abrasives and tooling for natural stone, engineered stone and ceramic […]

  • 25.05.22

    International Fraud & Asset Tracing 2022

    We are glad to be among the contributors of the “International Fraud & Asset Tracing 2022” Global Practice Guide published by Chambers and Partners. The guide provides the latest legal information on fraud claims, disclosure of assets, shareholders’ claims against directors, overseas parties in fraud claims, proprietary claims, rules for claiming punitive damages and laws to […]

  • 07.04.22

    IBSA Spring 2022 Conference

    We are pleased to attend the The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA)‘s International Business Structuring Spring Conference on Thursday 5 May in London. Maurizio Marullo and Matteo Rapinesi will be on the panel, examining the journey two entrepreneurs undertake as they navigate the ups and downs of their business and the various personal, legal, and financial complications that occur along the way. […]

  • 19.01.22

    Bankruptcy does not interrupt the Cassation proceedings

    In the event of bankruptcy, the trial usually stops automatically and procedural legitimacy is transferred to the liquidator pursuant to the bankruptcy law (art. 43, R.d. 262/42). The procedural effects of bankruptcy are different, however, depending on the type of proceedings undertaken. In particular, while in the proceedings on the merits the judgement is interrupted […]

  • 22.12.21

    LAWP advised Tenax in Unicredit financing backed by Sace Guarantee

    Maurizio Marullo, Claudio Todesco, Francesco Saracino and Alessandra Mosca are the professionals in the team that advised Tenax Spa, a Verona-based group and world leader in the treatment of stone materials, quartz and ceramics, on a €25 million loan transaction from Unicredit to renew and extend its existing credit lines. The loan is backed by […]

  • 12.11.21

    LAWP advised SAHG in the take-over of Sant Ambroeus Milan

    Giorgio Vagnoni, Maurizio Marullo, Paolo Giovannini, Claudia Pavanello and Alessandra Mosca are the professionals of the team that advised SA Hospitality Group in the acquisition of SAHG Milan Srl, owner of the restaurant business and the famous Milanese brand Sant Ambroeus Milano. The acquisition will result in the creation of a leading international group in […]

  • 12.11.21

    Hearings on paper at the Cassation Court until 31 december 2021

    The freeze on public hearings until 31 December 2021 affects not only the tax proceedings before the Tax Commissions, but also the proceedings in the Supreme Court. Since 2016, however, a public hearing in the Supreme Court of Cassation has only been provided for in special cases, for example when the discussion is rendered opportune […]

  • 04.11.21

    IBSA Autumn 2021 Conference

    Maurizio Marullo participated as a speaker at the IBSA Autumn 2021 Conference, entitled ‘Insolvency, Restructuring & Refinancing: An Entrepreneurial Case Study’, discussing, with other authoritative experts, the legal, fiscal and regulatory aspects of e-Sports and In-Game Advertising, as well as the use of tokens and cryptocurrencies in this field. For materials to be disseminated, see […]

  • 21.10.21

    Costs incurred by the fictitious intermediary are deductible

    In the event of a tax assessment for fictitious interposition, the costs incurred by the interposed person must also be charged to the taxpayer, provided they were actually incurred. If the Agency does not limit itself to establishing the interposition, but increases the declared income, the interposing party may prove the existence of any additional […]

  • 15.10.21

    Contributions in onerous trusts still at risk of taxation

    With the draft circular published on 11.8.2021, the Revenue Agency took note of the most recent orientation of the Supreme Court, according to which the contribution of the settlor in the trust does not constitute a taxable transfer, as long as there is no actual increase in the beneficiary’s assets. In this view, for such […]

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