Tax litigation

Our approach

We defend individuals, companies and non-commercial entities in tax disputes before tax courts and higher courts. We intervene for the protection of taxpayers during tax audits and contradictory discussions, in order to ensure the proper conduct of controls by the tax authorities. We assist in the procedures of voluntary disclosure and agreed regularisation.


  • Assistance during tax audits, inspections and controls
  • Advice and defence in pre-litigation and tax disputes
  • Preparation of applications for reimbursement and facilitated tax settlements
  • Advice on procedures for the regularisation and emergence of undeclared assets
  • Legal aid before ordinary and administrative courts
  • Legal aid before higher, national (Court of Cassation, Council of State, Constitutional Court) and European courts (Court of Justice of the European Union, European Court of Human Rights)
  • Assistance in amicable procedures between states against double taxation