Corporate and commercial law

Our approach

Our professionals assist entrepreneurs, Italian companies and multinationals in all aspects of corporate and commercial law, both in relation to corporate governance issues and other corporate internal dynamics, and in the field of business contracts, including international ones.


  • Expert advice in corporate law and corporate governance
  • Legal assistance in favour of companies, including those belonging to multinational and/or financial groups
  • Corporate and regulatory compliance
  • Definition of tools to correctly manage and attribute delegations and powers within corporate groups
  • Preparation and review of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements
  • Preparation of option contracts for shareholdings and other provisions governing the transfer of shareholdings
  • Advice on legal aspects related to the office of director, statutory auditor of joint-stock companies and manager in charge of the company’s activities
  • Design and development of stock option plans, stock granting and other incentive instruments for employees and company directors
  • Preparation and review of business contracts, also international ones, in multiple and diversified commercial sectors (distribution contracts, tender contracts, general terms and conditions, agency contracts, commercial lease contracts, etc.)
  • Assistance in the design and development of contractual instruments for the management and limitation of business risks
  • Assistance in the preparation of contracts for participation in tenders, both in Italy and abroad
  • Assistance to in-house counsel and other corporate departments in managing contractual relationships
  • Training activities in the field of commercial contracts
  • Assistance to foundations, associations and non-profit organisations in the third sector